Our Parents:

I have heard him tell family members that he learned to sing in Portuguese. He is so proud that he learned to sing in his new friend’s language.
It was a big first step for her to participate in something island-wide without a buddy to cling to on those first days, but now she has friends in other towns!
Her family went to her spring concert and finally we were able to see her belong somewhere.

Our Community Members:

Thank you for bringing the JOY of music to our children and our island community. It was a pleasure to be a part of our first two concerts and also an ICC concert. Loved hearing and watching those wonderful children!
— B. Lopes, ICC Member
I am extremely impressed with all you have achieved in such a brief period, enriching the lives of all those children, their families, and all of us who appreciate music!
— L. Smith
I’m eager to follow the progress of the MV Children’s Chorus. What a fabulous opportunity you are giving to these kids. Keep up the good work; what a great start!
— P. Boak, ICC
I am so thrilled with this new initiative for our young Island singers!